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Together, we make everyday life a little bit easier and the world a...

«Together, we make everyday life a little bit easier and the world a little bit better»

We will create value for more people and give back to society, says CEO Ole Robert Reitan.

In October 2021, Reitan Handel changed name to Reitan Retail. The international retail company has well-known brands such as Narvesen, Pressbyrån, R-kiosks, 7-Eleven, Uno-X, YX and REMA 1000 - among many others. Thus, 39,000 employees in seven countries were gathered for a common purpose: Together we make everyday life a little bit easier and the world a little bit better.

– We will create the best customer experiences for current and future customers. That is our promise to the customer - our top manager, says Ole Robert Reitan, CEO of Reitan Retail.

– Simplicity will be the best, also in the future. Only even more so. That is why we must constantly renew ourselves. In this way, we will ensure profitable growth, responsible operations and the best customer experiences.

Long history

It is more than 40 years since the first REMA store saw the light of day at Bromstad in Trondheim.

– I was eight years old and a doorman. So many people came! Ole Robert tells.

The value-based culture in the company has long traditions. This is one of the things that make Reitan Retail unique, and which together with competent people make the company what it is today, he believes.

–We have a strong value-based culture. It has been the foundation of our operation and the key to success since my grandparents Ole and Margit Reitan opened their first retail store in Nonnegata in Trondheim in 1948. We will strengthen and develop our concept, franchise model and culture while renewing ourselves and create even better solutions for the customer in the future.

Four sustainability promises

With 3,800 outlets in the Nordic and Baltic countries, he is aware of the company's potential to help cut climate emissions. Reitan Retail will be a driving force in the green transition. In the future, they will further strengthen their efforts in climate and sustainability.

– The needs of the globe and the customer are developing rapidly. At Reitan Retail, we can and should make a difference – both for the planet and for our customers. That is why we have defined four sustainability promises: We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will contribute to good public health, we will create greater diversity and equality in working life, and we will ensure transparency throughout the value chain.

Read more about our sustainability promises.

The name is new. But Reitan Retail will continue to be a company that is close, simple and responsible.

– We must be present in local communities, close to the customer. And we will make it easier for the customer to make healthy and responsible choices so that together we can contribute to achieving the sustainability goals, says Ole Robert.

–Through strong values, efficient operations and local ownership, we will create jobs and income. We will create value for more people and give back to society.

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