We aim to simplify healthier choices for our customers, supporting dietary habits aligned with the Nordic nutrition recommendations.

Our ambition is to offer healthier products at affordable prices for everyone, inspiring a healthy, active, and sustainable lifestyle. This involves:

  • Developing products in a healthier direction, for example by reducing salt, sugar, saturated fat, additives, and calories.
  • Offering more healthy options like fruits, vegetables, berries, whole grains, white meat, fish, and seafood in our stores.
  • Taking steps to boost demand and promote the sale of healthier products.

Examples of steps we've already taken

Healthier food

In 2023, Reitan Convenience has mapped the entire product range from a sustainability perspective. Among other things, they have looked at health aspects, with parameters such as red meat vs. plant-based, calorie content in baked goods, and use of additives. The data is used to develop the product range to be more health-beneficial.

REMA 1000 Norway has signed a Letter of Intent to facilitate a healthier diet. The agreement is based on the national dietary guidelines and is made between the authorities and the food industry.

Less salt, sugar, and calories

For several years, REMA 1000 Denmark has collaborated with the Danish Cancer Society and researchers at the University of Copenhagen to reduce the amount of calories sold in stores. The project is the first of its kind and has actively contributed to the fight against increasing obesity.

REMA 1000 Norway has worked on reducing salt in all our products, achieving a significant salt reduction. Sugar-free drinks also outsell sugary beverages as a result of both product development and product placement.

Meat-free options

REMA 1000 Norway has increased the supply of meat-free and plant-based alternatives, and in 2020 alone saw a nearly 400 per cent sales increase in meat-free options.

In Sweden, PBX and Pressbyrån have launched "The Transition Hotdog", which starts with meat at one end and transitions to entirely plant-based at the other end. The goal is to help customers dare try it and show that a sausage without meat can be just as tasty as one with meat.

Balls against cancer

In Sweden, Reitan Convenience launched "The Lusseball" to raise awareness of prostate cancer in a playful manner. The Lusseball is sold on Saint Lucy's Day, and a free prostate check was also offered at a Pressbyrån store in Stockholm in collaboration with the healthcare company Capio.

The Lusseball generated great engagement, with 69 per cent of men over 50 saying they were more motivated to get tested after seeing the campaign. 75 per cent of the audience with a close relative in the target group were more motivated to remind them about the importance of testing.

Food fight for children and youths

REMA 1000 Denmark collaborates with the Danish organisation Madkulturen to strengthen children's and young people's knowledge of food. The "Madkamp" ("Food fight") project offers free courses and teaching materials for food and health teachers.

The goal is to enable future generations to make conscious food choices that benefit their health and the environment. Food and health teachers who have participated in the course can also register their class for the national championship in food education.

Sport and athletics

REMA 1000 Norway's sponsorship strategy focuses on sports activities, contributing to nationwide activity. Among other things, we are the main sponsor for the national tournament in inclusive football and handball. Last year, we distributed 5100 healthier meals and smoothies and nearly half a tonne of fruit during the tournament.

In grassroots sports, we contribute to more than 100 handball schools annually, and REMA 1000 Norway is the league sponsor for the elite handball league for both genders. Additionally, from every sale of the "Sport for All" bread, two Norwegian kroner go to activities for children and adults with disabilities.

Uno-X Mobility Cycling

Uno-X Mobility owns and operates the Uno-X Mobility Cycling team – the first professional Norwegian-Danish cycling team for women and men that has qualified for the Tour de France.

Using a bike in everyday life is at the heart of sustainable mobility. Our cycling ambassadors' most important task is to raise awareness and inspire more people to cycle. It can both strengthen public health and reduce emissions. Read more about Uno-X Mobility Cycling.

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